Erp A+++ Air to Water Split Air to water Heat pump R32 WIFI Full DC Inverter EVI China heat pump, OEM factory heat pump

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a renewable alternative of those traditional gas boilers,electric boilers,furnace and air
conditioners, Residential/Commercial units are both provided.

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Working from -35℃ - 45℃ for house heating and cooling

Working in ultra-low temperature with strong heating.

SolarShine EVI DC Inverter Heat Pump adopts the latest generation of high efficiency compressor with enhanced vapor injection (EVI) technology. The compressor greatly enhances normal heating performance in winter under ultra-low ambient temperature lower than to -35°C. And it has cooling function in summer as air comfortable air conditioner.

Split design, higher anti-frozen performance

Split design with outdoor and indoor unit, the condenser (heat ex-changer) and circulation water pump are installed inside the indoor unit, refrigerant is connected by copper pipe between outdoor unit and indoor unit, this design is greatly improves anti-frozen performance, no any special treatment is required when the indoor unit is installed in the room where its around temperature higher than 0°C. No any more worry about the possibility of freezing damage on the products.

Dc Inverter Technology with wider operation range, higher efficiency and lower noise

-DC inverter technology makes the system start with small currency and impact to power grid very slightly. -Automatically adjustment of compressor running speed according to different ambient temperature, it give great helps to keep temperature more stable and comfortable, especially in ultra-low ambient temperature conditions.
-Variable speed control: The system will be running at low frequency when it reach preset room temperature, which make the relative energy saving up to 30%, at the same time, lower frequency mode can reduce noise greatly.

Split design, higher anti-frozen performance

Split design with outdoor and indoor is more optional for installation; The water system is completely placed in the indoor unit,which greatly improves the anti-frozen performance. No any special treatment is required when the indoor unit is installed in the room with the temperature higher than 0℃.

Dc Inverter Technology, the operation range is wider and higher energy efficient

-DC inverter technology makes the machine start with small current and impact to power grid very slightly.
- DC inverter air source heat pump can automatically adjust the compressor's speed
according to the change of ambient temperature and at the same time the temperature keeps more stable,especially in ultra-low ambient temperature.
-Constant temperature control intelligently temperature fluctuations is in slight variation the greater the frequency varies,the more accurate temperature control.
-Variable speed control,on-demand output the unit will be Running at low frequency, when the unit reach the set temperature which make the relative energy saving by 30%

Incorporated with multiple terminal, and easier for renovating an older house

Our heat pump not only can be incorporated with the city central heating network radiator,but also be connected to the fan coil for heating and cooling, and as well as the water floor heating.

How a heat pump works?

This diagram shows the heating process.

Smart phone Control, Easy Operation

Intelligent control system

GPRS wireless transmission module rely on mature GPRS/GSM network, and it not necessary to connect another wireless network, In the area covered by all mobile signals, data communication can be quickly established to obtain real-time operating status of the unit and deliver data remotely.

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